What Was Apartheid?

Apartheid was a separation between different races. Colored Africans got treated different than white Africans. Apartheid means "separateness". Apartheid was created to control over another race.

Where, when, and why did Apartheid take place?

The Apartheid started in 1948 and ended in 1990. The Apartheid took place in South Africa where there were colored and non-colored Africans. Apartheid started because European settlers wanted to colonize South Africa. They got power by separating them and making them fight each other.

Key Points in Apartheid

Apartheid changed many lives of Africans in many ways. People protested against the practice of Apartheid. Blacks over the age of 16 had to carry passports around everywhere they went. Some whites thought Apartheid was cruel and wanted it to stop. Many colored Africans got many things taken away from them during Apartheid.

Participants in Apartheid

Nelson Mandela was a man that was South Africa's 11th president and its first democratically elected president. He helped end Apartheid because he protested against it and he was known as a peace maker. F.W Klerk was also a President in 1989 to 1994. He helped end Apartheid because he signed the pretoria minote and made the decision to end Apartheid.

Resolution or outcome of Apartheid

The Apartheid of South Africa ended in 1990 because of just one person. It ended due to massive protests, which were inspired mainly by the African National Congress (ANC). Nelson Mandela played a huge part in the abolition of apartheid especially since he spent 26 years in goal for unjust reasons. But Mandela was not the only one, thousands of other people made self-sacrifices even greater then him. People were shot dead in protest including children.


The lesson of Apartheid is that now everyone is of equal value. And there is not much racism in the world anymore.