Documentary Analysis

By: Nick Hernandez


In the documentary The Hunting Ground, the purpose was to inform people about sexual assault and how nothing is being done to combat it. The purpose was effective because of the use of pathos, the use of logos, and the descriptive use of the rethorical situation of the subject throughout the documentary.

Element #1

The element of pathos helped achieve the purpose because it showed different students manly women bravely sharing their stories about being sexual assaulted during their college experience saying that the people you should be afraid of are the ones on campus then the ones off campus. In parent interviews the parents discussed how they thought that the university they sent their children was a safe environment, but it ended up being not so safe and made them feel the schools don't care about their students safety. In the administration interviews their are some administrates that feel sexual assault on college campuses is an issue and the administration doesn't do anything about and if they try to help they lose their job.

Element #2

The element of logos achieved the purpose by in the documentary showing specific facts for example "For every 161 prosecutions for rape,just one person is charged for false allegations ". They also cited different authority figures or even interviewing specific people like (name of person). Also by talking to different university faculty like a security guard form Notre Dame when he stated that he feels the university faculty doesn't do enough to eradicate the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

Element #3

The element of the subject helps achieve the purpose by the emotional aspect of the documentary from when different victims shared their tragedies. The criminal aspect that the documentary showed was how the interviews that were taken place were from different victims of sexual assault in different campuses and the interviews from the special authorities explaining how many universities don't take action with this issue and that is why it is an issue today in many colleges.


In conclusion, the film did achieve its purpose of educating people of sexual assault and there is nothing being done about it. The Hunting Ground focuses on mainly victims telling their stories and no ne trying to help them with combating this issue on college campuses.
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