the process that keeps us refreshed

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What is desalination? What are the long term effects of this procedure?

Desalination is a process in which it takes the salt and other minerals and organisms out of salt and brackish water so it is drinkable for the human kind. Specialists agree that this method will quench the thirst of others today tomorrow and years to come. The seemingly never ending supply of sea water will now help further generations stay refreshed.

How does the tech effect water? the environment? humans?

By draining the water through ultra fine tubes, the water is removed of its salt and minerals. This means that the water is now drinkable for humans. More than 75% of water on earth is salt water (not drinkable), so the procedure will help to turn a portion of that water fresh(now drinkable). The issue is how this process effects the environment. The amount of electricity/power is high but technicians are working on creating new ways to cut down on the amount of energy needed. One solution that is currently in use, is using multiple solar panels to get the power.

What are the materials needed for the process?

To collect the water multiple wells suck up water and transport it trough a tube where vents block out organisms from passing through. pressure is added to the water and it is pushed through fine membranes to remove it of its salt.lots of energy is required as well which is now mainly provided from solar panels.
Desalination: Water for a Thirsty World
Sur Desalination Plant

Interesting facts

In a total of 150 countries, there are 16 thousand desalination plants. You use an operation called reverse osmosis.