April 2017

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Corinne Stewart - ISLE President

Comparing Sustainable Agritourism in the EU and the US

ISLE is working closely with University of Kentucky's Agricultural Economics department and its Extension specialists and the French "Bienvenue à la ferme" ("Welcome to the farm") programme in order to develop a compare and contrast piece for Farmers and Agri-tourism specialists in the State of Kentucky.

The Bienvenue à la ferme programme was created by farmers in 1988 in order to promote their activities under a national label.

The programme coordinated by the French National Chamber of Agriculture.

The network is now:

- composed of more than 9 000 member farmers;

- animated by regional and departmental "Welcome to the Farm" professionals who advise farmers in their activities, guarantee the quality of their products and activities, help with installation, help promote their brand ...


The 4 areas of the programme include:

- The sale of fresh and farm products, directly from the producer to the consumer;

- Tasting of farm or local products;

- On-site accommodation;

- Leisure activities.

By joining the network, the Farmer members agree to respect the "Welcome to the Farm" charter which guarantees the quality of their tourist and agricultural services.

US contact: Dr Timothy Woods, Extension Professor at University of Kentucky in Agribusiness Management and Marketing, and Marketing Horticultural Products

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How Eating City and ISLE are creating new pathways for a more Sustainable Food Systems through links with Higher Education

Today, Higher Education Institutions can, and must play their role in promoting a spirit of innovation and encouraging a sense of responsibility in the transition towards Sustainable Food Systems.
Not only must they work to transfer knowledge between Professors and their students by teaching the concept of sustainability in an integrated and interdisciplinary way, they must also foster an efficient exchange of information and experience between Education & Research on the one hand and enterprises and civil society on the other.

Eating City has understood this challenge well and has teamed up with the I.S.L.E International Sustainability Network in order to be right at the heart of this important approach.

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Upcoming Events

Joint ISLE - University of Valladolid Conference : "Better connectivity across the Food Value Chain"

Tuesday, June 27th, 8:30am-6:30pm

8 C/Plaza de Santa Cruz

Valladolid, Valladolid

Contribution to policy development for better connectivity across the Food Value Chain - Unlocking the potential for increased market efficiency and transparency for consumers

Programme will be published on the ISLE website shortly!

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