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Scholastic Book Fair Rewards

Check out the new books in our library, complements of the Book Fair rewards earned last December.

Mrs. B. suggested upgrading our collection of Native American books. We purchased a collection of nine books including: The Inuit, The Comanche, The Navajo, The Cheyenne, The Sioux, The Wampanoag, The Zuni, The Timucua, and The Pueblo. This series is ideal for grades 3-5, yet has enough pictures to appeal to younger students. The AR level on these books is 5.

We also purchased The American Legends and Folktales collection. This 10-book collection contains the following tales: Daniel Boone, Molly Pitcher, Johnny Appleseed, Hiawatha, Casey Jones, Annie Oakley, Paul Bunyan, Pocahontas, Pecos Bill, and John Henry. These books have rich, hand-drawn illustrations. These would be wonderful classroom read-alouds!

All these new books will be out on the shelves shortly. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance with finding books for classroom use.

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Ms. Jill Drye

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