Best Educational Apps for iOS

For Use in the K-12 Classroom


Kodable is a perfect app to inspire the change between making students consumers into creators. As per the Horizon report this is considered one of the upcoming challenges of our students. Kodable can be used to offer a student friendly intro to programming which connects to problem solving and teaches more complex thinking.

Socrative Teacher

Shake things up in the classroom and engage students with hands on learning tools like pop quizzes, polls and exit passes to keep students on their toes and more engaged. This app can be used to create a more interactive experience and allows teachers to gain real time feedback from students poll responses on their comprehension of lectures.

Genius apps to make learning more tailored to the student and learning more personalized


This app allows teachers to see their student's work being done in real time and allows teachers to track daily or weekly progress. This also allows instantaneous feedback from the teacher. This app can also be used to allow students to comment on each other's work to allow for peer critiques in LA classes from grade 5-12.

CK-12 studyNow!

This app allows access to k-12 content that helps student to study, learn, do homework, and complete assignments. This app allows for more personalized learning by tailoring content to student's preferred learning method (e.g auditory, visual or video) and respects individual learner's differing paces. This also provides supplementary materials for teachers.
Use in the classroom could include writing a grade 5 science book using the CK-12 modules and youtube videos reinforcing the term concepts will be embedded in each section. This book will be available for download on our class website as a PDF or for use with a kindle or iPad.

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WISE stands for Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations. This app can be used to grade and save multiple choice and exams on your mobile device. This app is cutting edge technology that saves time and simplifies marking.
WISE could be used in a grade nine english class to grade weekly multiple choice quizzes for readings of Romeo and Juliet.

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