Land Development on an Ecosystem

Destruction of land is not the answer to growing.

Rain Forest Destruction.

Rain forest are a beautiful part of our world, yet people believe that destroying beauty is what it takes to grow in this world. Rain forest have covered up to 14 percent of our world, but because of land development it has decreased by more than half that down to 6 percent now. These beautiful rain forest are not only for show, but also provide us with nuts, fruits, and medical plants. Rain forest benefit this land and can help us form new cures for diseases we have not encountered yet. Save rain forest so we still can say our world is beautiful, so future generations can enjoy the beauty we had as kids.

What has occurred.

Land forms destroyed due to land development. Beautiful tree inhabited areas have been turned into wastelands, bodies of water polluted, and because of our so called "development" more areas in the world have been polluted making unable to breath the air in those areas. Rain forest that have been destroyed will become desserts, because our people believe something able to give us air to breath does not matter when we have tall building and big companies that pollute air.
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Not only do these beautiful land forms get effected but the animals that live in these areas also get effected, as the more we destroy land the more habitats become lost causing animals to become extremely rare in the world or even extinct. Because or this process glaciers melt away along with Antarctica and without that land animals such as seals and polar bears have to migrate finding new homes but if unable to find new land the cant adapt making them hard to survive leaving them to die out.

Do something

Going against something is not enough to stop it we need to do something more, a mob might be too much but a rally could have an impact but that still not be enough if we dont all do something. If we all come together we could stop our world from destroying itself because if we go on like this we will not be able to live. Lets get together and stop land development from destroying ecosystems.