Garnishing Project

Elena Cornejo

Vegetable Peeler

  • is a kitchen tool consisting of a slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is used to remove the outer skin or peel of vegetables


  • a kitchen utensil for removing fine shreds of zest from citrus fruit

Butter Cutter

  • kitchen utensil used to cut butter

Mellon baller

  • Used to make mellon into balls.

Channel knife

  • primarily used as a decorating tool. It is most commonly used on citrus (lemons, oranges, and limes) on vegetables such as cucumbers and zucchini.

Paring knife

  • a small knife used mainly for peeling fruits and vegetables.

Fluting knife

  • v-cuts in melons & bell peppers

Tournee knife

  • root vegetables (turning them into little footballs) and making fancy, delicate cuts when carving garnishes from fruit or vegetables

Decorating Spatula

  • This spatula is used for frosting cakes and to spread toppings or mixtures smoothly over the food being prepared.