Tech rules for parents

By jaskaran

Rule number 1

Don't enter personal information such as name and address, because if you do tell a stranger where you live he can brake in and steal or harm you. Telling your name isn't good because they could get alot of information from your name.

Rule number 2

Don't text and drive, if you text in drive you can end up in a car crash because your eyes weren't on the rode. Also you could get a ticket.

Rule number 3

Don't have a face to face meeting with someone online because they could take a picture of you and post in online without informing you. Talk to the people you know not strangers.

Rule number 4

Do not tell anyone your password, it doesn't matter how well you know them the they may change your password and you would be able to change it back.

Rule number 5

Make sure your device has a lock on it so no one into it and stalk you by reading your information and other messages.

Rule number 6

Don't talk and drive will you drive you may get distracted and may crash into a another person, tree, or even die from that insedent.

rule number 7

Don't bully people on line it will hurt them. And it bad so don't

Rule number 8

Don't go online and tell where your gonna be this weekend

rule number 9

Cover your wed-cam, because people can turn your web-cam and see you through it. And you can also unplug your device.

Rule number 10

Don't post uneporpret things about other people online they can get you back.
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