Battle of the Books Begins

Wednesday, October 12

Meeting Dates

In accordance to our district rules, we are only allowed to formally meet ten times before our school and district battle. We will meet the following dates:

Wednesday, October 12 (#1)
Wednesday, October 19 (#2)
Wednesday, November 2 (#3)
Wednesday, November 16 (#4)
Wednesday, November 30 (#5)
Wednesday, December 7 (#6)
Wednesday, December 21 (#7)
Wednesday, January 11 (#8)
Wednesday, January 18 (#9)
Wednesday, January 25 (#10)

Any Wednesday that we don't officially meet, students can come the the LRC to access any of our games, discuss books with friends, or spend time reading.

More Information

You can access all resources online at Included in the site is a list of all the books this year, meeting dates, and online resources. Check it out!