By Autumn Miller


On June 6, 1968 Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. He had won the California presidential primary at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Authorities were determined that the person behind this tragedy was Sirhan Sirhan.
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Feminist Criticism

You can look at this from the feminist criticism perspective because you see the males proclaiming that a women in a polka dotted dress was involved in the assassination. You never really have hard evidence that she was ever there. Throwing an accusation or conspiracy about a women being involved throws everyone off topic because why would a women "hypnotize" a man to kill the future president, unless she was somehow apart of some special weird I want to kill the president group.

Historical Critisism

You can use historical criticism in this investigation because Sirhan Sirhan was mad about RFK supporting Israel at that time. There was a war going on that must have gotten under his skin, just enough to make him want to kill the president. That day was also the anniversary that marked the Six Day War. His back round and values drove him to change the way the United States is today. If RFK would have became president, our world would be completely shifted.