Arabic 2 Newsletter Thursday الخميس

Next week is RECOVERY WEEK

The Midterm is around the corner. So Let's focus on Lesson 5&6

  • Next week is RECOVERY week. This means no new assignment, and you get to take a deep breath to dive in for a thorough review for lesson 1-6
  • Make sure that you submit all missing work for lessons 1 through lesson 6.
  • This includes all assignments, projects and coaching sessions. If you missed a coaching session, please make it up as soon as possible or listen to archives.
Arabic 2 Due Date Calendar- MUST Print


Your Grades!!

All assignments have been graded as of last night. I will submit biweekly grade report to your schools next Tuesday night. Please make sure you are checking the "Your Grades"tab to find your grades, and what assignments you are missing/still need to do. You can still make up your missed assignments so your MID TERM GRADE will look better. (Continue to check the Calendar tab for assignment due dates.)

Kudos to all students with perfect attendance in their coaching sessions. Momtaz ya shabab!!

Have you text me lately to check in?!!

I can't wait to get your text to chat with you today. Text me at 301-661-4824 and tell me how things are going with the course so far and if you need any help with your assignments. Also check your grade before you text me in case you have a question about that.
يا الله يا شباب, Yallah, I look forward to grading all your NEW and PAST DUE assignments!