Come to Minnesota

By Rohan Elvin Hr 1


Minnesota is a land for PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES. The TEACHERS ARE GREAT IN MINNESOTA. There is NO AGUE AND FEVER and is most likely rich in minerals. Everyone has EQUAL RIGHTS in Minnesota no matter how much money you have. Minnesota has TONS OF RESOURCES. Year round, Minnesota POSSESSES A HEALTHY CLIMATE. Minnesota is most likely RICH IN MINERALS. The POPULATION IS 150,000 AND GROWING RAPIDLY. There are 6 MAIN TYPES OF TRAVEL. You can travel by FOOT, TRAIN, STEAMBOAT, OXEN, HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE, AND CANOE. The GOVERNMENT IS GREAT, too.
Here is one of the many great schools in Minnesota.
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Above is a photo of one beautiful village in Minnesota. Many other villages look similar to this.