Help our planet and RECYCLE!


Do you want to recycle?

Yes you do . stuff you don't want you can sell it swap it or give it takes a million years for glass to decompose in a landfill! so you have to recycle

NO LITTERING [no litter bugs]

can we recycle?

you can reuse something or save it. like if you have a piece of paper and you don't want to use it you can save it or give it to a friend. another way is to put it in the recycling bin so you can save trees imagine how many trees we will have.

what are scraps?

scraps are other papers you do not need to use so we can recycle them instead of throwing it away.

why do we have to recycle?

recycle your plastic bottles because it causes waste that is why we should recycle it causes waste.

do you litter?

on average we can save water. we use most water in the bathroom so we can use less water by taking shorter showers , turn off the faucet.