India - A Beautiful Ancient Country

India Represents The Colorful Culture of Country

India A Beautiful Amalgamation of Ancient Culture and Modernity

India an emerging super power is the seventh largest country by area, second largest by population and the most populous democracy in the world. Its 28 states and 7 union territories hold virtually every kind of landscape imaginable. The country is filled with most scenic mountain ranges, fabulous hill stations, magnificent temples, amazing wildlife sanctuaries, seducing beaches, scintillating backwaters and above all ancient cultural heritage which makes it one of the most alluring destinations on world map. It is one of the most diverse countries that you will find on this earth. It is the country where all season visit and if in one part of country there is cold then in some other part there is scorching heat. Grab cheap flight deals to India and visit this mesmerizing country that has something for everyone.

The diversity of country is clearly evident as if Kashmir has most e coldest places then some of the hottest in South. Cherrapunji has world’s highest rainfall then there is Run of Kutch in Rajasthan. If west India represents the colorful culture of country then north east is sheer beauty. With hundreds of languages and dialects, fair and festivals, religion and cuisines, the diversity of this country surely amazed how India with such diverse people and geographies operate as a single democratic country. All these facts about India leave its visitors spell bound and compel them to visit again and again.

The vast canvas of India is vivid and full of myriad hues and represents a country a living museum waiting to be explored. It is best to explore the vividness of this country by availing cheap holiday packages to India that emphasize different aspects of this beautiful country. Golden Triangle tour covering Delhi–Agra-Jaipur is quite famous among visitors. If you want to explore cultural heritage then do visit Royal Rajasthan which is renowned for its magnificent forts, palaces and havelis .If you love beaches then do visit Goa and Kerala which has some of the most alluring beaches. The beauty of Kashmir is often compared with the beauty of heaven. The temples of Tamil Nadu and cultural heritage of Karnataka are worth visiting. The temple of Khajoraho, Padmnaswamy Temple, Tirupati Balaji, The Konark Sun Temple, Somnath Temple, Golden Temple are some of the most amazing religious symbols of country that you can’t afford to miss.