Week 1 Reflection

Action Plan - Update

Week 1 Aims

Our aims for week one were:

  • Upload main task brief to blog
  • Conduct genre research
  • Analyse three existing films (textual analysis)

Week 1 Achievements

We uploaded the main task brief to our blogs which includes the task description, deadlines and various rules. We then conducted all our genre research to find out what genre we want to use for our opening scene. We researched action, horror and crime drama and analysed the positives and negatives of each. We then wrote a summary outlining the reasons why we decided crime drama was the most effective and why we have decided to use it as the genre for our opening scene. We also started to create one textual analysis on the film Sherlock Holmes by analysing it for aspects of mise-en-scene, but it is currently incomplete.

Updated Week 2 Aims

We now need to add the textual analysis onto the already existing aims for week two. We need to complete the Sherlock Holmes analysis and analyse two more already existing opening scenes.