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Are you a professional who wants more from your career? Or perhaps a manager wanting to build the capabilities of your team?

Tomorrow, 24 Sept at 7pm, The Hub Singapore welcomes you to an evening of espresso martinis and a chat with Aseem Puri, Director of Marketing at Unilever and a Mentor at The Hub Singapore.

Aseem feels at home in the corporate world, yet doesn't believe he has to sacrifice meaning to excel in his work. Let's hear from him on how he allows his ideas to take flight.

This evening also marks the launch of our Level Up workshop series to transform careers. With a workshop available every month-- over 12 months-- Level Up helps you become your best self without having to change your job or go back to school. Managers are also welcome to purchase tickets for their team members!

Level Up prototypes our first community specially for young movers and shakers in the corporate world. Attendees will learn new skills and frameworks, mingle with other young professionals who want to make a change, and apply newfound knowledge to build influence and appreciation in their own workplaces.

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Level Up Your Decision-Making


9 Oct, Thurs, 6.30 - 9.30PM

How do people make decisions? When do they (or you) feel more flow, donate or buy more, appreciate or care more?

Knowing that, how do you design the environment in which people make decisions? Whether product or team process or your daily life, what tools can you use?

Join Angela Ognev, Chief Happiness Officer of YCombinator-backed website builder and Co-Founder of design community, in this exclusive workshop on decision-making and problem-solving tools.

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Level Up Your Marketing


6 Nov, Thurs, 6.30 - 9.30PM

When consumers have unlimited choice and marketers limited budgets, how does one differentiate?

Join Sush Mukherjee, award-winning marketeer, Co-Founder of Narrative Technology and international speaker, in this exclusive workshop on using today's marketing tools to reach the modern consumer.

Understand consumers in the digital age, unlock opportunities with consumer journeys, and apply the tools you learned-- while also getting to meet 24 other ambitious professionals from different companies.

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$99 per seat - get 10% off when you share during checkout

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The Level Up workshop series is powered by The Hub Singapore. Become your best self - without having to change your job or go back to school.