Mark's Monday Morning Memo

September 28, 2015


This is a good time to share our Halloween plans and practices with students and families. We will celebrate on Friday, October 30, 2015, from 1:30-3:00. We'll start with a costume parade around the outside of the building from 1:30-2:00 followed by grade level parties from 2:00-3:00. Our Rice Lake practices will be shared in the October newsletter and will be posted on our website. You may direct students and families to that information.

PLC, ATPPS (SLG), and Site Goals

At the October 7, 2015, staff meeting, I will share some overall Rice Lake achievement data. Licensed staff members should be thinking about your PLC focus and work and identifying your SLG that aligns with our site goals. We will be focusing on math for our reported site improvement goal. If you need support with this, Kris and I are available to assist you or your team.
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Farewell Summer!

The above photo was taken on the last official day of summer September 22, 2015. This is a good time to work with students to review our fall and winter practices. Work with students to have them pay attention to weather reports so they are prepared and dressed appropriately. We go outside for recess every day unless the temperature with windchill is minus five degrees or colder or if it's icy or raining. Thank you for establishing practices for keeping winter gear in lockers, lining boots in front of lockers, and encouraging students and families to label items.

Staffing Updates

Previously, I told you that Nate Edwards had to resign as our Digital Learning Coach. After seeking qualified candidates for two weeks, I have made the decision to use the funds that were dedicated to that position to increase ESP support. I am working with Laurie, and other staff members, to increase our building ESP support by 18 hours each day. We will be increasing tech, clerical, and instructional ESP support over the next few weeks.

The open DCD/Skills teacher position that Suzanne Hicks is filling has been posted and I have interviewed a couple candidates and will continue to interview qualified candidates.

I received word last week that the 0.5 EL position Tanya Duffy is filling was allocated to a 1.0 position because of EL student numbers at Rice Lake. I posted a 1.0 EL position last Friday and will select qualified candidates to interview.

Preferred Substitute List

Remember, each licensed staff member (for whom we secure substitutes) is expected to list 10 preferred substitutes in your account on AESOP. Human Resources will be providing us a report on October 1, 2015, to verify whether this has been done. If you need names of substitutes who want to be at Rice Lake, Jeanne can help with that. Thank you.

Field Trips & Assemblies

This is a good time to remember when you are planning field trips or assemblies be sure to communicate with Jeanne (calendar, communication), Laurie (permits, buses, fees), Mark B. (space needs), and Jodie (technology). It is helpful to have as much advance notice as possible when planning field trips and assemblies. Thank you!

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