Khristmas Karousal 4 Kool Kids

Maybe There Will Be a Christmas Miracle!


'Munching', 'activities', 'chatting', 'sitting', are all part of this 'riveting event'. You might even see Santa Claus!


Friday, Dec. 25th, 5am-1am

4 Avenue Road

Toronto, ON

5-9 AM Khristmas Kookie Kontest 4 Kooks

9-11 AM Let's Read Papers on Geology!

11 AM-2 PM Christmas Music and Dancing

2 PM-8 PM Dinner Devouring Date (Eat all kinds of 'neat' animals')

8 PM-10 PM Debate Timothy Bukowski vs. Shabir Ally

10 PM-Midnight General Talking Time (Get ready for Battle)

Midnight-1 AM Find Santa and then Arrest Him!

Have a great 'Nite'!

Fool's Gold Records

Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle by Fool's Gold Records