A New Sister in the Family!

The Happenings of a Missionary Teacher

Hello, friends!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October, isn’t it?! (On second thought, it’s starting to feel like December here – I mean, it’s already snowed a few times!) This past month in St. Pete has zoomed by, and yet it seems like so much has happened that it couldn’t have possibly all occurred in one short month!

One happening in particular is a HUGE praise, and I am SO excited to share it with you. A little over three weeks ago, one of my 7th-grade Korean girls, Nayeon, became a believer!! Long story short, she came to my classroom after school one day, we spent an hour talking about the Gospel and what it means to be a Christian, and we prayed together for her salvation. Praise God for saving her! We now meet every Wednesday after school, and she is eager to grow and incredibly transparent with me. I am excited for the opportunity to walk alongside her and so humbled by how the Spirit has already moved in her life. She is the only believer in her family, so please pray with me that Nayeon would be bold and steadfast in her faith. I love this girl very much!

On October 2-4, I joined my church family on a weekend away at a place just outside St. Pete and along the Gulf of Finland. There were only about 70 of us, which is a perfect size for getting to know people. Our guest speaker was a pastor from Kiev, and the Truth he shared was both encouraging and convicting. It was a refreshing time outside the city and I’m so glad I went!

I’ve also gotten involved in a few other things at Hope Church. I attend the English-speaking homegroup on Wednesday evenings. Homegroup is a small-group type of Bible study hosted by a member of the church. I love it! I’ve also joined the worship team at church; we sing in both English and Russian, so things might get interesting!

Prayer Requests

I am extremely thankful for all of your support and prayers thus far. Please continue to pray for these specific areas:

- Learning Russian… We started learning verbs, and it’s getting difficult!

- Along with Ayame (3rd-grade Japanese girl), I am now also tutoring Yukyeong (11th-grade Korean girl). Pray for opportunities to share Jesus with them and their families.

- Between my commitments to church, Russian lessons, teaching, and tutoring, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. And I’m also getting sick. Prayers appreciated!

- Lastly, all foods pumpkin-flavored are nowhere to be found. This is less of a prayer request and more of a plea for sympathy. And next time you're at Starbucks, cherish each sip of that pumpkin spiced latte for me.

Thanks for partnering with me and for loving the people over on this side of the world. It's so awesome that God works through each of us to spread His fame!

In Him,