A trip to India!

by ~ Anadela Castrellon

geography of India

If you like to relax and swim in the ocean then India is your place. You can go swimming in the Indian Ocean and just enjoy the water. Even if you are an active person you can go to India and climb Mt.Everest. The Himalayas are one of the biggest mountains in the world. There is fun activities for everyone in your family.

unique animals

unique animals are all over the world, especially India.The Elephants are so big and friendly they stomp their feet with happiness.people can find elephants all over India, they can even give you a ride on their back! Elephants are loved,groomed, and taken care of.There is even Rhinos,lions,monkeys, and even tigers.There are 13 different types of monkeys and they are all in India.While you are in India your family would enjoy learning about different types of animals.

India today

India has changed a lot. 50 years ago on 4 out of 10 kids went to school but now 8 out of 10 kids go to school. There are some kids that still don’t go to school, they are still some kids that are home schooled. India today is very different, today most kids get food and a home, back then most kids didn't have food or a home. So be sure to appreciate what you find in India.
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travel tips!!!

1.A dodgy stomach is pretty common for first-timers in India. That doesn’t mean you should rule out street food, but try to stick to peeled fresh fruit and foods that have been either boiled or fried. Stay on the bottled water and avoid salads or ice.
2.Feet are considered to be unclean in India, so if you touch something with your feet it’s appropriate to swiftly apologize. Similarly, eating or passing objects with your left hand is considered unpleasant for reasons best left to the imagination. If unsure of local customs, keep an eye out for what others do and imitate.

3.Government shops are probably the easiest way to avoid running foul of scams, but simple rules like paying for things with cash, to avoid card cloning scams, may save you a lot of unnecessary trouble later in your journey.

4.By far the most common complaint reported by first-time visitors to India is fatigue – simply trying to do too much in too little time. India is vast, colourful and addictive, but have realistic expectations about how much you can see