Where Does My Family Fit?

Sophia Dermetzis (researching Fred Denton)

My Researching Adventures

Not much is known about Fred Denton, my great-great uncle. I found some stuff about his military career, but he died at 18 so there isn't much. Since my family isn't American at all, I had to dig a lot deeper in British records. He was a private in World War 1.

Fred Denton

Fred was born to Sam and Mary Jane Denton, of Highgate Lane in Lepton, Huddersfield. When he was 16 he lied about his age to join the army. His service number was 4506. He was a private in the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment (Yorkshire), 1/5th Battalion. He served for 2 years before getting blown up by a hand grenade on September 3, 1916. He has known grave, but is commemorated on THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Somme, France.
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