End of School 2017-18!!

Just a few reminders before you go ...

We know you are looking forward to a well-deserved summer break!! But before you go, there are just a couple of reminders for end of school, as well as what to expect when you return.


Congrats to our Retirees! Mara McCarthy will retire at the end of June from Granville High, and Ella Harppinger will be retiring from Queensbury Middle School in October. Best wishes (and know we are jealous!)

Also Kudos go out to Mike Davies for completing his MLS!


Communications Coordinators have received final pricing sheets for approval. Please go over them carefully as these are what we use to place orders! I need to have ALL CORRECTIONS COMPLETE AND APPROVED before you leave on Friday!! We'll remind you in September to make sure everything is working correctly!

Annual Report - SLMPE Rubric

Many of you have already completed the online Survey Monkey SLMPE Rubric evaluation, and sent in your signed cover sheet. If you and/or your building administrator need time in the summer to complete it (a good conversation is better than rushing it!), just let me know so I can expect it before September.

Remember that this a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations, and to set goals and priorities!

Communications Coordinators & Contact Info

Please let us know BEFORE you leave for the summer if the Communications Coordinator for your district will be changing. We send out letters to building administrators over the summer to let them know.

Meeting Dates for 2018-19:

General Membership October 15 - Open to All

Regional Meeting November 28 - Open to All (working on our speaker now!)

CC Meeting with PD March 14

CC Meeting with PD May 6

We know there are some changes happening in districts. Send us new peoples' contact information as soon as you have it so we can update our lists.

Remember that we're here all summer! If you need something, let us know.

AASL Standards PD

Remember, if you took the 2-day PD in June (here or Cap Region), you must sign up for a Day 3! Click on the links below to go to My Learning Plan to sign up for that day & location. (Day 4 dates will be announced in the fall)

Day 3 - July 26 (Questar III)

Day 3 - August 14 (WSWHE)

Day 3 - September 18 (WSWHE)

If you missed us in June, and want to attend the Syracuse SSL Leadership Conference as Days 1 & 2, let me know asap!

We will be offering another series in 2018-19 (dates TBD).

"Summer FUN" at SLS

For OPALS users, we will be "cleaning up" catalogs over the summer with Mitinet. In addition to adding reading levels, they will be be improving MARC records where needed and starting to merge records for a Union Catalog that is easier to use. This is a long-term project and won't be completed this summer, but we will get a good start on it!

We will be offering a new "Single Sign On" for ALL of our members (even if you aren't using OPALS). This is a clean, visually appealing way for students and teachers to access databases by using a single password to get in. It is completely customizable, and includes the ability to add your own "pathfinders" and other curated searches. This is optional, but we think you'll really like it!

Overdrive is going to be offering a new app by the start of next school year! We'll be learning all about it, and getting new PR materials out to you by September. (PS - We think you're going to LOVE the new look and educational features)

More Summer Fun ... for You!