The Most Powerful Civilization

What caused the Romans to gain so much power?

Naval Dominance. After conquering nearly all of the Italian peninsula in the 3rd century BC, the Roman Republic gained control over long stretches of coastline strategically located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans had the best navy in all of the civilizations and that made them unstoppable. Improved Stability, Protection, Commerce, Government. For most of its captives, the Romans represented a better way of life. Its military might enabled the Roman Empire to protect civilizations from barbaric invasions that happened constantly. The Romans respected other cultures and used that to gain more citizens. Appeasement. Rome protected other cultures and kept them safe from invaders and gave them home. They also reduced the drain on military, freeing it to expand Rome's dominance.

The fall of Rome

The fall of Rome was decided by continuous invasions of barbarians and the decline of citizens. The decline of citizens was so bad because the leaders of Rome kept being assassinated by angry people. After the fall of Rome other civilizations started to become more powerful, such as Greece.
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Roman Soldiers (Bonus Facts)

The Romans battle position, (Greek phalanx) the Romans used a Greek battle position called the phalanx where the back rows of soldiers raised they're shields and the front rows of soldiers lowered their spears and moved forward slowly and slaughtered enemies. The Romans also used roads built by roman citizens to have quick access to roman cities and routes to attack enemies