Tech Tidbits #12

From your friendly elementary tech integrator!

Hello, November!

This issue shares some recent finds from the world of ed. tech. Contact me if you need further support implementing any/all technology into your class's teaching and learning activities!

Wired Wednesday - Formative Assessment Tools

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 4-5pm

126 Ewell Road

East Earl, PA

Join us to check out some fun formative assessment tools to help gather student feedback and use data to plan for instruction! Please register in My Learning Plan!

More to Explore

10 Projects and Templates to Up Your Google Slides Game via Ed Tech Team

Use text boxes in Google docs where you want students to enter data!

Many of you are sharing Google docs with students that you'd like them to add text feedback to. Sometimes those docs are former Word documents, brought into Google Drive for sharing purposes. I've seen teachers keep the __________________________ lines in the document, where in printed form, students would write their responses on the line. This isn't the best approach with a Google doc. Use text BOXES instead! Here's a summary of this strategy from Alice Keeler.

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