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How to maximize your membership

Let's do some house cleaning

You recently joined our doTERRA tribe of oil users. You have a membership like a costco membership, but did you know you can earn reward points towards free product. So often when we first get a membership like doTERRA, we just want the best deal for the best price. I get it, I'm a bargain shopper too. That's exactly why it's important for you to know the rewards point information, and maximize your membership.

So let's get the housecleaning out of the way; there are a few definitions we should know, like LRP and PV vs. OV and PV as it can pertain to promotions. LRP stands for Loyalty rewards points; this is how you will earn free product. It's not the only way, but I'll give you an example, the first 9 months I was in doTERRA I banked my points. At the end of the year, I sent 7 family physician kits (value - $150.00 wholesale each) to family members; it cost me $3 for the conversion on each mailing. That was it! That was a value of more than $1000 in christmas presents I saved that year. That's just one example of the savings. Keep reading for the benefits of LRP.

So depending upon how you started, you are now earning from 10-20% in reward points on each LRP order - the maximum to reach is 30%; over time this equates to a 55% discount over time. Unlike Costco, for each dollar spent on oils you will get "generally" one point back in rewards, provided you have an LRP set up. This is an autoship, but unlike most autoships it's easy to change the date or push out each month. The commitment on your part is to put a reminder to check it each month, add, subtract or multiply your order or push out the date if you don't need anything. No, you don't have to or are you obligated to place an order every month. It does require at minimum of 50 PV points to add to your rewards. So if you're only ordering a wild orange at 10 PV ($10 wholesale) it won't apply. We'll get to a routine in a moment.

PV - product value; so each product in doTERRA's line has a value of points. Non-oil products have a lesser value because more goes into the material and cost to produce. For the most point oils are one point for each dollar or cost.

PV VS. OV, if your membership is a wholesale customer, this definition will vary slightly. As a wholesale customer OV won't matter because you won't have downline and you can't earn commissions. However, if you find yourself sharing with family and friends and want to earn passive income along the way to pay for your oils contact your enroller. So I'll not spend much time here. Wellness Advocates will have their own newsletter. that explains this. But if you're curious you can opt in below to receive the wellness advocate sharer's briefing.

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Did you know that with your new membership is a treasure trove of development. Commonly called the "back office" you can discover all kinds of solutions.

Empowered you is a great place to begin a journey of self. Self Development unlike so much of the media frenzy of selfishness. Empowered you opens the door to your strengths and how to put them to use in your life for a richer more fulfilled you.

Empowered Life click here to enter into the "how to" on your oils and explore the endless possibilities and benefits of doTERRA International has to offer in our product line. Here is where you can find out about the many uses from Arborvitae to Zendocrine, why you would use them and how.

Empowered Success click here to learn about our success lifestyle, if you a little bit curious about this doTERRA thang, check it out. I dare you to explore it. You just might find more than you thought you would. you know you have nothing to lose.....and everything to gain.....

I encourage you to explore the back office, doTERRA has worked long and hard to give us all the tools to ensure we maximize our lives in each way.

Not sure what to do the next time there is a snow or rained out day....look into the kids science section of the back office and do a DIY project. It's fun for all ages.

Training Center

We offer several opportunities within our communities regardless of where you live. There is always an event or two happening. So be sure to talk with the person who shared this experience with you and find out what they have going or their upline or several uplines above. We are all here to answer your questions and help you maximize your membership.


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