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1st Quarter 2022-23 School Year August 26, 2022

Important Dates:

  • August 31 - Fireside Chat - Library 6 - 7:30
  • September 5 - Labor Day - School Closed
  • September 16 - "Defend the Den" Day of Awesomeness
  • September 22nd - Student Photos - Make ups
  • September 23rd - PD Day - No School
  • September 26 - 30 Fall Book Fair
  • September 28th & 29th - Student Led Conferences

Team Juniper

In language arts this week, students completed the i-Ready Reading Diagnostic. The i-Ready Reading Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment that measures a student’s vocabulary knowledge as well as their comprehension of literature and informational text.


This week students are learning more about the Scientific method. Specifically students are learning about graphing. Students are also learning qualitative and quantitative observations,

In social studies we are learning that Geography has five themes that help humans comprehend different aspects of the field and how they relate to human life. We are also exploring the fact that any part of the world can be explained and understood in five themes of geography.

In Wellness class, students are diving deeper into what it means to be healthy and well. For the physical fitness standards, students are continuing to work on building muscle strength and endurance while enjoying the great outdoors while the weather is still nice

In math class students are doing iReady testing this week.

Team Piñon

Language Arts:

Period 3 and 5: Next week, we will hopefully be wrapping up BOY I-Ready and starting our first class novel, Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. Your student does not need to purchase a book because I have a class set. There will be a vocabulary quiz Friday, September 2nd.

Periods 4, 6, and 7: Next week, we will hopefully be wrapping up BOY I-Ready. We will also be finishing up our pre-reading nonfiction. The nonfiction is intended to prepare the students for when we start reading our first class novel, Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. There will be a vocabulary quiz Friday, September 2nd.

Wellness: It was great meeting everyone at Back 2 School Night, thank you for taking the time to visit our wellness classroom! In wellness, we are taking note of our health as we complete a personal wellness inventory and set some goals based on our results. In the gym, we continue to work on our cardiovascular fitness and strengthen our core and upper body strength.

Social Studies: WE ARE RACING!!! The Amazing Race goes into full swing next week. Important that the kids finish a leg of the race at home that they didn’t finish in class. Happy Racing!!!!! Mr. Han

Science: Next week in science students will be learning about the difference between observation and inference as well as being introduced to Claim/Evidence/Reasoning. Students will be practicing using all of these important science skills as we explore optical illusions, scientific pictures, and fun games. Be sure to ask your student what I ate in class this week!

Math: Next week we will be ensuring kids have joined and are using Google Classroom, finish our BOY I-Ready assessment (if needed) we started this week, and we will continue Real numbers systems concepts. Specifically we will learn the difference between rational and irrational numbers, and why our world has them, and where they are utilized. Leap year conversations will be had, the value of “pi” will be discussed, as well as square roots of non-perfect squares. ALWAYS be ready for “POP Quizzes!”

Team Aspen


7th - We will continue working on writing a scientific hypothesis and complete a Milk Lab.

8th- We will continue taking notes and discussing Science vs Pseudoscience. The students will complete this unit by taking a Scientific Method Assessment.

7th Language Arts: Students are continuing their reading and analysis of our book Touching Spirit Bear, as we build our skills on literary analysis and abstract ideas. We worked through iReady this week and will hopefully finish this assessment next week. Each week we will continue with a vocabulary list and quiz, and a comprehension quiz of our reading.

8th Language Arts: Students are continuing our mystery novel and work on characterization. We worked on our inference and predicting skills with literature. We worked through iReady this week and will hopefully finish this assessment next week. Each week we will continue with a vocabulary list and quiz, and a comprehension quiz of our reading.

8th Advanced: Students are continuing our mystery novel and establishing the differences between symbols, motifs, and themes. They are also working on their characterization skills to apply in their first writing project that we will begin next week. We worked through iReady this week and will hopefully finish this assessment next week.


This week, students will Investigate Properties, review how to combine like terms, (with fun Mystery Activities and a Horse Race), along with taking the Unit 1 Test!

Math 8

This week, students will Investigate Exponent Rules! We will continue to practice exponent operations for the week with some class activities.

Math 7

This week, students will add and subtract rational numbers. We will then begin our review for our midtopic quiz at the end of the week.

7th Grade

This week we will be finishing up our "Maps of Life" projects. We will also code and annotate a reading about a new map projection created by astrophysicists. On the block days we will get a reminder on how to use an atlas and will be taking some notes on Longitude and Latitude. We will also be labeling a map of the 7 Continents as well. Lastly, we will look at the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle and use our knowledge of longitude and latitude to get to the bottom of the mystery.

8th Grade

This week we will be talking more about the unique characteristics of each of the three Colonial regions. We will also be coding and annotating a reading on the Myths of History. We will examine the Triangular Trade and it's role in the Colonies. We will also learn about primary and secondary sources. You will take a test over primary and secondary sources on Friday.

Team Blue Spruce

Warren Hanson Wellness

In Wellness this week we will be playing Ultimate Frisbee games outside, along with our daily cardiovascular activity. In the classroom we are analyzing our current health status in the 5 areas of wellness, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and soulful/spiritual.

Geena Rabinovich Social Studies

We started our week by creating a historical marker summarizing the events of the Nat Turner rebellion. The marker took a stand on the question “How should Nat Turner be remembered?”. Students were asked to combine sources and discussions from the previous week for this assignment. We then analyzed a fictitious scenario involving a school fight to see how various primary and secondary perspectives influence our understanding of history. On our block day, we took a quiz on primary and secondary sources, and discussed which types of sources would be best suited for various types of research and projects. We wrapped up our week by defining key vocabulary through the Frayer Model about the 13 colonies and engaging in a vocab review game.

Michael Bruss Science

This week we dive into the differences between Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy. The universe has a finite amount of energy and all that happens is it gets transformed from one form to another. We start with a domino activity and then move to create a commercial for harnessing KE in order to power our devices.

Gerri Hobby Maths

As we finish up our iREADY math assessment, the students will continue the week with solving equations. Algebra class will also continue their work with functions. Absent students should check google classroom for missed assignments.

James Kelly ELA

This week, both Gen Ed and Advanced classes undertook our iREADY Reading Assessment. This helps students find their current reading lexile levels and allows me to work with individuals to help their skills in specific areas. We also finished our Vampire Poems and submitted them for competition! Ask your little people about the Samurai poem they read! It is a 14th century text illustrating the mindset of a Samurai warrior. We analyzed this thoroughly and answered questions, before embarking on a C.E.R. paragraph with a graphic frame by myself to improve our skills in this format.

Team Evergreen

Math (Silknitter)

For week 3 - Math 8, Algebra 1, and Geometry will be completing their Fall I-Ready assessment. Once I-Ready is complete, Algebra 1 will continue to explore Quadratic Equations and what it means to describe the graph of a function completely. Geometry will look for and make use of structure as they visualize the results of reflections, especially when they look at reflections algebraically. In Math 8, students will take their first quiz on Rational and Irrational Numbers along with starting to evaluate square roots and cube roots. Algebra 1 and Geometry will be taking their first quiz Sept 2nd.

Science (Bailey)

Week 3! We learned about kinetic and potential energy. We even filmed commercials for devices we created that harness kinetic energy to charge cell phones on the go. Next week we will talk about the conservation of energy in systems and learn about the different types of energy such as mechanical, electrical & nuclear.

Social Studies (Griffiths)

Happy Week 3! We have finished the primary/secondary sources lab and CER about Nat Turner! This week we are learning to use our last tool, timelines. Kids will be making a timeline for themselves to practice for when we do one about historical events.

Health & Wellness (Wiidakas)

Super busy and rockin’ week. Would love to have you touch base with your son/daughter about our latest Google Classroom assignment and our Remind texting app. Those two communication tools are huge for our entire world :0) Academic focus for this week are the beginnings of our Physical and Personal Wellness standards. Make sure they have completed their Base Camp tasks and their P.I.E.S.S. chart assignments. Love you, Peeps!!!!

Language Arts (Fields)

This week, the students read the short story “A Retrieved Reformation” to go along with our theme of “Change, Metamorphosis and Growth” and completed some supplemental work to go along with it. At the same time, students worked on the baseline I-Ready reading assessment. Next week, we will continue reading fictional short stories to accompany our theme. Thank you for sharing your students with me - I am really enjoying getting to know them all!

Important Thespian/Drama dates

December 1st- Colorado Thespian Jr Conference

Students will attend conference Downtown Denver. They will have the opportunity to attend different workshops be adjudicated in one of the following performances: Monologue

Duet Acting

Solo Musical

Group Musical

In the afternoon they attend a musical performed by a local high school.

Thescon Feedback

10/31,11/7,11/14, and 11/28

Auditions for Annie

12/19 and 12/20

Annie Performance and Rehearsal dates to come

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Library News

Be sure to checkout the library website to see the variety of program or programs happening in our library this year. Some of these programs include:


  • "Freedom to Read Week"
  • Fall Book Fair


  • Holocaust Museum
  • Day of the Dead Ofrenda


  • Manga Drawing Contest
  • Books-Giving!
  • One Book One District


  • "Silent Book Club"


  • "Stress Less/Craft More"
  • Mobile Starlab


  • "True Love Book Challenge"


  • Spring Bookfair

April: "Battle of the Books"

May: "Silent Book Club"

We will also be hosting our Fall Book Fair the week of September 26th-30th!

From the counseling Office

Hello Cresthill Families,

On Wednesday, August 31st, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, please join us at our Fireside Chat located in the library. Our fireside chats provide an opportunity for parents/guardians the opportunity to connect with the school. This month's topic of discussion will consist of 'setting the stage for success in middle school'. This is more of an open format and a chance to connect with other parents and stakeholders.

We hope that you can share this time with us!


Cresthill Counseling Office

Defend the Den


It. Is. Time. 7th/8th Grade Coed Flag Football AND 7th Grade Girls V-Ball registration is now open and active. The season starts in just over two weeks. If you have a son/daughter that is interested in either sport (or maybe you'd like them to be interested), then NOW is your time to get them registered. The great news? ZERO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Truth? We want as many kids as possible out for both sports!!!! Simply go to our CMS Athletics page and follow the registration steps.

As always, remember that NO PHYSICAL = NO PARTICIPATION. Email all sports physicals to If you have any questions please reach out to our MVP Athletics Assistant, Stephanie Young, at or 303-387-2816. You can also reach out to our Athletic Director, Brad Wiidakas, at THANKS AGAIN AND GO COOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unified Sports

Special Olympics Colorado and CMS have teamed up to support Unified Sports for our students! Special Olympics partners with schools to build unified programs across the country. The unified program brings students with special needs and partner players together to build relationships, teamwork and sportsmanship. This partnership has brought players together, and unified our school and community to celebrate these students who often may not have the opportunity to play a team sport. Please join us to support this program with Unified kickball, basketball and soccer this year!

Unified kickball schedule:

Tues. Sept. 6th CMS vs RHMS -Home game

Thur. Sept 15th CMS vs RHMS - Home game

Tues. Sept 20 CMS vs MRMS - Away game

Thur. Sept 22 CMS vs RHMS - Away game

Tues. Sept 27 CMS vs MRMS - Home

Tues. Oct 4 CMS vs MRMS - Home

Fri. Oct. 7 CMS at District Jamboree - location TBD

To register for kickball, please click on

Registration will be open August 16, 2022. The cost is $30. If you have any questions please call 303.847.1765

For the students who would like to be a partner to a special needs participant please see Mrs. Popo or Ms. Hutton.

Support for families in need of internet connectivity.

Order your Yearbooks now! Save money and get free icons!

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Community Events from The Foundation for Douglas County Schools

We are THRILLED with the line up of 2022 Fall/Winter Community events we have for you and your school communities this year!

Purchase tickets directly from links on the attached flyer, and visit our website for new dates to be added.

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New York/DC 8th Grade Trip

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Highlands Ranch High School LAX

HRHS LAX will be holding a special training camp for Middle School players on August 28th from 2pm-4pm at the HRHS Turf Field. Cost $20

All interested players can reserve their spot by registering thru Team App or sending an email to

Educational Assistant IV positions open at Cresthill Middle School

Cresthill Middle School has openings for four Significant Needs aids.

Do you love working with children?

Please see our posting linked below.

"This position is Responsible for providing assistance to special education teachers. Assists in the instruction, medical, and health needs of special education students. Provides some clerical support to teachers. May provide assistance with a variety of daily functions such as toileting, feeding, and life skills instruction. Collaborates and consults with special needs team and other specialists. Develops and promotes good community relations among various community members and school clientele."
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Donations Needed - 1st Quarter

Hi Cresthill Families, you have been asking us about how you can help us out. We have attached a Signup genius of items that will help us make it through the day. If you are able to donate an item we would really appreciate it. Donations can be brought into the office. Thank you for showing your support.
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Supporting Cresthill

We appreciate the support of our community. Cresthill does not have a PTO program and we limit fundraisers. We do rely on your generosity and support with these programs:
Do you shop at King Soopers? Did you know that King Soopers offers community rewards? WE have approximately 110 families who have designated Cresthill to receive funds. We would love to increase that number. The quarterly checks we receive from King Soopers really make a difference to our school budget.

Once logged into your King Soopers or City Market account go to:

Savings and Rewards > King Soopers Community Rewards then you can search for Cresthill Middle School either by name or YJ180 and then click Enroll.

New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a loyalty card.

Thank you!

Box Tops for Education

No need to cut out box tops anymore. It’s digital!

Download the Box Tops Mobile App

Set up your Username and Password

Find your school: Type in Cresthill and click on Cresthill Middle School when it appears Click on the right arrow

Complete your Profile and you are done!

Now when you shop simply scan your store receipt and watch the donations that are made to our school!

American Furniture Warehouse

If you are making a purchase at AFW please mention Cresthill at checkout. They will make a generous donation to our school.
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The Douglas County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual

orientation, gender identity/expression, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, marital status, genetic information, or physical characteristics, disability or need for special education services in admissions, access to, treatment of, or employment in educational programs or activities. The School District’s Compliance Officer is Ted Knight, Assistant Superintendent, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, Colorado,, 303-387-0067. Complaint procedures have been established for students, parents, employees, and members of the public.