The Daily Talsa

Popular Student Found Dead in Local Park

Early this morning while officers had been patroling around Talsa, oklahoma, a red-headed teenager was found dead near a fountain in the local park. He had a small stab wound, revealing he had died by a small blade of some sorts, but had died several hours before discovery by the police. The teenager has been identified as Bob, popular among a known social class in the area, the "Socs". Due to the long history of violence between the two dominent classes, the Socs and the greasers, we have reason to believe that it was a greaser who had committed the crime earlier in the A.M. Nearby residents have pointed to two greasers known as "Ponyboy Curtus" and "Johnny".

Both young boys convicted of the proclaimed murder have suddenly gone missing from the neighborhood. We interrogated local resident, Dallas Winston, who has tight ties with both Johnny and Ponyboy. He revealed that both boys had started headed towards Texas as a way of escape. Johnny has been described as having black hair, and is slightly taller than Ponyboy, who has been described to have gray-green eyes and resemblence to another popular resident, "Sodapop" Curtus. If you happen to find anyone who meets this description, please contact us at 555-555-5555.

-Angel B, The Daily Talsa