Hailey R.

happy, smiley, sporty

Myself and My Hobbies

I am a student at the junior high in Northeast Nebraska. I love to write stuff that's on my mind and turn them into stories. I like to play sports with my friends and family. I have a mom, and a step-mom and a dad. that make me have two separate houses. On my moms side i have a 5 year old brother and a !! year old sister. On my dads side, i have the same 11 year old sister, another 11 year old sister, and a 9 year old brother. i love my families.

my favorite sport is basketball. i love basketball because it is a very competitive game. Everyone in my family can play.You never get bored and it i an interactive game.

i have a very special bond with my dad.

i have been a daddy's girl from the day i was born, literally.i was born 3 months early and my dad worked at affiliated so he couldn't stay up there with me in Omaha for the entire time. he would come down to see e. then as i got older i would cry until he got home and then he'd tell me to go to sleep and then i would.

My favorite animal is a koala. I have always wanted to go to a zoo and hold there koalas. i think it would be so cool. they are so adorable. if i had one i would name it cupid. i also love the finger monkey. they are just so small, and would be cool to have as a pet. if i had one, i would name it button.