THS Girl's Lacrosse

Week 7

Never Stopping...

After a busy week last week it was actually nice to have plenty of days of practice and only one game this past week. We faced Mount Vernon here at our home turf on Tuesday night, with a glorious and fun win as we pushed past them. We had tons of people scoring and making plays all over the field. Then our week continued with practice and we worked together on the motto "Never Stop", defining what that truly means. If we want to get better, we need to demand the best out of ourselves and our teammates every minute of every day. We need to never stop working hard, pushing ourselves, and fighting for a spot on that field.

We are on the look out for a practice player of the week...who will step up?

Who will get after this week? Who will NEVER STOP?

You have several hundred decision opportunities every day…and each one can take you toward your long term goals or not. It’s totally YOUR choice!

Jeff Olson.