Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Capulet or Montague

Benvolio belongs to the Montegue house.


Benvolio is Montegue's nephew. Romeo's cousin and a thoughtful, loving friend. He does not like violence. He is the family member that puts everything together.


Benvolio would be muscular and handsome. Maybe even happy on a regular basis.


Benvolio is a rich man because of his family name but her is selfless about it. He does not let the name of his family get to him.


Benvolio wants to keep peace between people. He wants to keep the peace between both the Montagues and the Capulets.

Character traits

1. Peaceful

"Part, fools. Put up your swords. You know not what you do."

This quote from Benvolio shows that he is a peaceful person that does not want any violence.

2. Intelligent

"Alas, that love, so gentle in his view, should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!"

This quote also from Benvolio shows his intelligence about like experiences.

3. Caring

"At thy good heart's oppression."

In this quote, Benvolio is being caring to Romeos feelings. Benvolio is crying because Romeo himself is sad.