New School Year Ahead!

Hello my name's Ms.Nixon

My name is Ms.Nixon and I will be your science teacher for the upcoming school year!

Hello future students and parents/ guardians. I am very excited to meet and speak with all of you in the near future. Teaching is a true passion of mine. I love knowing that I can make a difference in peoples lives and hopefully serve as a positive role model for my students. Science can tend to be a troublesome subjects for students. Many times students can feel that science is too hard, or boring but with the right guidance science can be a very interesting, fun, and fulfilling subject to learn. My hopes are to show your students that science is awesome to study and not boring at all. Throughout the year we will be doing many projects. I rarely give homework throughout the year unless I feel my students need more practice with a topic. Normally the only homework they may have is to work on their upcoming projects. Below I will list some topics we will be covering this year, explain the projects they will be doing a little bit more, and describe the assignment I have set up that needs to be complete when they arrive to class on the first day of school. See you then!!!