Brooke Brown, Iram Matin, Cameron Simon

Red Cedar By: Cameron

Small animals like rabbits depend on the red cedar tree.

Something that kills the trees is that students will shake the tree and sometimes break off branches. And also diseases will kill it. Abiotic factors the tree survives on is Sun and Water.

Basic Info For The Trees

Texas Red Oak Tree By: Brooke

Small animals depend on it

ceratoeystis fagacearum can kill the tree

Parasites: Oak wilt, oak leaf blister, hypoxylon canker

Abiotic factors: Sun and Water

Live Oak By: Iram

Weevils, Turkeys, Ducks, Jays, and Quailsiand Deer depend on the tree

Limit factors diesease and animals

Parasites: Mistletoes

Adaptations: Moisture, floods, droughts, salt sprays, and any kind of soil. also auto exhaust fumes.

Abiotic factors: water, sunlight, correct soil, and temperature.

Long and short term effects on TMS: provided shade for students and provides a home for birds