Road To Perserverance

By: Alaina Wells

Overcoming the Donner Party obstacles:

The Donner Party Participants never lost hope that one day they would be rescued and one day they would be safe again.

The Adversitiy of The Donner Party:

Even after the Donner Part had Reached their destination in California, they were bullied because of what they had to do to survive.

The Donner family:

When the Donner family arrived in California, both of the parents in the Donner family were deceased. The Reeds ended up adopting two of the children, and the rest of the children were taken by other families or orphaned.

The Reed Family:

The Reeds recovered fast from what might have been the most tragic event back in 1846. They ended up settling in San Jose. James reed became very wealthy and used his money to name some of the streets in San Jose after his children.