UPrep Week One!

University of California Berkeley

Campus Tour!

This past Thursday, UPrep students experienced a side of UC Berkeley they had never seen. Our 90 minute tour took them through the history and academic nature of the campus. After eating lunch at one of the fancy dining halls, we headed to individual academic buildings. Here the students got to sit in a classroom and speak to staff. To top it off, students got the chance to view all of the bay area from the top of the clock tower.

Class Time and Rec TIme!

Classes are underway and the students are working hard. Students are taking three classes: SAT Prep, College Prep, and College Seminar. Each class prepares the students in their own unique way for college. Some classes are more academic based, but the students are toughing through it!

Rec classes offer physical activities for the students. Some rec choices have includes improv, basketball, soccer, running club, and book club!

Six Flags!

We took a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this past Sunday. The students got the chance to ride every ride and enjoy the great west coast weather. Other fun events include the Berkeley Art Museum, Bongo Burgers, Blondies Pizza, and the International Food Fair.