Of Water and Spirit

Disciples of the Community of Christ

We Receive

Breathe On Me, Breath of God CCS 190

Centering in God's Presence:

We light this candle as a symbol of God’s illuminating presence. We pause to remember how everything we do and say in these moments is happening in the context of God’s presence in and with us. As we prepare to enter a time of sharing, we remember how holy listening with one another is itself a spiritual practice, a healing act, and draws us together in oneness and peace.

Opening Prayer

Receiving: Reflect as you watch this video.

As you inhale, choose one word that represents what you desire to receive. It could be peace, comfort, insight, confidence, courage, or something else. As you exhale, choose one word that represents what you desire to give. It could be friendship, support, hospitality, healing, or something else. Continue this rhythm of breathing, receiving, and giving.
Receive by Calvin Nowell

Prayers and Testimony

• What do you yearn to receive?
• What do you yearn to give?
• How have you been blessed by the sacraments?
• How have the sacraments allowed you to glimpse God’s vision for creation?

Closing Prayer