Sophie's world

Jostein Gaarder


Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian author who wrote numerous books, from novels to children's books. Gaarder write in the perspective of a child, to show how the main character goes thru the plot.

Main Character

Sophie Amundsen is a 14 year old who lives in the netherlands with her mom and cat, Sherekan. She is curious and thinks a lot about life and its wonders. She has a open mind as well as positive.


Sophie's world's conflict is with a mysterious person who leaves letter in her mail box. And on the letters says interesting question like "who are you" and " why are you in this world?"


As the book moves on, more letters come with more questions. Within those letters are history of philosophy. Sophie tries to contact the writer with forward messages and following a mysterious figure. As well as why does this name "Hilde Moller Knag" keep appearing.


"Sophie regretted having been mean to her. But what else could she had said? That she had suddenly become so engrossed in who she was and where the world came from that she had no time to play badminton? Would Joanna have understood? Why was it so difficult to be absorbed in the most vital and, in a was, the most natural of all questions?" Gaarder pg. 13

Sophie problem is that her way of thinking now cannot be entertained by things that have little meaning or of no important.


Readers who will enjoy this book are who ask questions a lot and want to learn the history of wester philosophy.

Final thoughts

I would highly recommend Sophie's world because you'll learn about different philosophical views, as well as, a story about Sophie's interaction of the world.