Leave No Career Rank Behind!

How Will YOU roll into Hoopla?

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We are getting ready for HOOPLA!

We are starting the countdown for Hoopla by making sure that YOU roll in feeling just as you should - THE ROCKSTAR that you are! Of course everyone will feel awesome at Hoopla - hello it's the best party of the year. But we want to make sure you get all the feels - and that means going to Hoopla (or finishing our stella & dot "year") at your career rank or HIGHER!!! We know that each career rank is treated specially at Hoopla - hello parades and special recognition! And of course who wouldn't want to be at the RED SHOE AFFAIR as a star stylist!!!
So we've got a little treat for you when you earn your Career Rank or Promote this month!!!!
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Get Ready for Hoopla!

That's right - we have a special treat for you when you earn your career rank or promote in May! A NORDSTROM GIFT CARD! You should absolutely feel like you can shop your closet for Hoopla - Who doesn't want to grab a little something extra for the Hoopla suitcase this summer? Well we want to help with that! Want a bigger gift card? Then let's set your plan to promote - and you'll get a bigger gift card AND a bigger pay check with those extra coaching commissions and the S&D promotion bonus! I mean who doesn't love extra ca$h!!!???
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Lauren Sigler, star director