Google Apps for Education Training

Classified Staff & Certified Staff

Using Google Classroom & Drive for Student Work

Learn how to use Google Classroom and Google Drive to have students create and turn in projects (presentations, etc.) and easily be able to have students present from the teacher laptop without having the student log into your laptop.

Topics to be covered:

1) Review of how to use the Chrome browser to save your bookmarks, install extensions and apps

2) Use Google Drive to organize folders and files

3) Set up Google Classroom and have students self-enroll.

**No need to teach your students - they are learning how to use Google Drive in their Grade 5-6 computer class.

Google Classroom, Drive & Chrome

Thursday, April 21st, 7:15am-4pm

Ford - see rooms by period listed below

Register to come during your planning period, lunch OR before or after school.

Before School - Matt Petrus room

Period 1, 2, 3, - Titans Room 900

Period 4 - Beebe's Room

Period 5 - Cummings Room

Period 6, 7 & Afterschool - Titans Room 900

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