The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe

By: Justin Duckett

3 Major Themes

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. This means that if you have something that is really good and desirable, something bad is guaranteed to happen. For example, in the book “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”, Edmund wanted to have so much Turkish Delight, which was the good part, but the bad part is that he’s leading his siblings right into a trap. He fell for the good stuff provided by the witch, and now the witch is going to make the bad thing happen.

When in doubt, use logic. This means that when you are in a tough situation or you are experiencing doubts, you need to think of what might, will, and is more common to happen. In the book, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”, Susan and Peter were thinking that Lucy was going mad because she said there was a wardrobe that leads to a place called Narnia. They went to the Professor, and he told them to use logic. He said, “Either she’s lying, she’s mad, or she’s telling the truth.” “She never lies, she isn’t mad, so she must be telling the truth.” This is how they used their logic in the story.

Beauty is only skin deep. This is a major theme in the story. It means that you can’t determine who the person is by their appearance and looks. An example of this theme is Mr. Tumnus, the Faun. He has a strange appearance and looks like he would be sweet, but he had a job that isn’t so sweet. He was assigned to reel in any Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve and bring them to the White Witch. But, he made a promise to Lucy that he would let her go. So, this just goes to show that beauty is only skin deep.

Character Descriptions

Lucy: Lucy is a young, adventurous girl. She seems to enjoy going out and exploring her surroundings. But, it also seems like nobody believes her because she says things are there and no one else sees them. Lucy is really sweet and has a big heart for anything. She likes fantasize and work her imagination as well

Edmund: Edmund is kind of like that snoody child that every family has. He’s only one year older than Lucy and likes to make fun of her and seem “beastly”. He went through the wardrobe and knew Narnia existed, but he purposely told a fib to tease Lucy. He kept putting her down and saying she’s mad and going crazy. But, Edmund is kind of dumb as well. He led his family into a trap by taking them to Narnia to see the “Queen”.

Susan: Susan is the oldest girl in the family. Since there is no mom to keep the others in line, she likes to take their mom’s role. She always tells the younger siblings, Edmund and Lucy, what to do and commands them to do things. She is very much like that site that would raise you. Susan is a very polite and mannered young woman and enjoys an occasional adventure. But, she is precautious of what the others do

Peter: Peter is the oldest child in the family. He sticks up for his siblings when they are in need. He also keeps Edmund in line when he is very rude and mean to Lucy. Peter likes to take leadership and be the positive role-model. He is very adventurous, much like his siblings, in this story and has a good time in Narnia.

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