GT Update News: Edition 10

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

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Last week fourth grade divided into two groups to work towards finalizing their grant proposal for our mini-golf course. I collaborated with one group, to align the learning objectives the course would provide to students with LISD's Strategic Design Goals. We first brainstormed possible objectives, then looked at the Strategic Design Goals to decide which ones are represented by the objectives. The other group worked on brainstorming and researching materials that would be needed to build the course in order to create a budget for the grant. Next week they will continue note taking from the interactive website about research, as well as write a final draft of the grant so that we can submit it.
Last week, fifth graders continued to read Ungifted, and analyze characters from the story. I introduced another Depth and Complexity icon, change over time. They chose a character from Ungifted and listed four indirect details about the character from the first part of the book. This week they will list four more details about the same character, but from the middle of the book instead. The objective is for students to have the opportunity to apply the icons to a subject they are already comfortable with. They will take a short quiz about our communication unit. They wrote introductory speeches last week, and this week they will memorize them and record them to analyze. This will complete Phase 5 and send them into the Speaker's House in their journey through the World of Ancient Podium, where they will delve into both informational and persuasive speeches.
Last week, third graders learned the role of binary code within programming. They created name bracelets using binary code, as well as did some research about the designing of their straw towers. This week, they will look at events within a program. These events will have to do with predicting the players moves, as to plan for them in the coding process. They will also complete their final project for the straw towers.