Cell Phones

Should Cell Phones be Allowed While Driving?

My Point of view

No, they shouldn't be allowed. With drivers paying attention to their phones, it can cause lives of others and them self. Its estimated that there is 636,000 accidents from motorist using their phones instead of looking at the road. Along with the 2,600 deaths from phones too. From car accidents caused by phones, the yearly estimation from damage is 43 million dollars. Many distractions caused by phone can be their social media, checking their email, surfing the web, talking to someone, and the most common one texting. Sending a text while driving can make a crash 23 more times likely to happen.

Cell Phone Helpful When Driving & Ways to Prevent Accidents

While driving you may get lost so you can use the GPS on the Phone. Some cars though nowadays have GPS enabled in them. Also if you see an accident on the road or even car trouble, you can go and call for help. Some cars also have the ability to talk and text people while you are driving. which shows many of the efforts on solving the problem of using cell phones while driving.


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