September 19

Quality in what we do ; Service to our Families ; Planning & Implementing for the future

Did You know...

- I have chocolate in my office. It's free and it's for you when you need some!

- The generic HAWK cards are ready for pick-up in the office. I will draw a few on Friday mornings. Those that are not selected will be given back to you for your student(s) to take home and share.

- We have vision screening for first and third grades this week.

- The NWEA window for testing is now open!

The Results Are In

The survey results from our professional development indicated that Tuesdays, after school, will continue to be our day for after school collaboration.

H.E.L.P Meeting

This week was our first H.E.L.P. group meeting and it was packed! Thanks to those that were able to attend. We had a wonderful discussion about deep cleaning Harvey-Swanson, playground fund raising and extending an inviting atmosphere for families.

MTSS Dates

The first day for MTSS for Harvey-Swanson will be October 4. The subs have already been entered for each of you and a schedule will soon be out.

Our other dates will be Nov. 29, Jan. 31, Mar. 14, Apr. 25, May 30.

Loose Ends

- Please be visible in the hallway in the morning while greeting the students. Nothing says, Good Morning, like a warm smile from their teacher.

- I have your contract. Please stop by to review and sign. I am sending them back to HR this Wednesday after school. If you haven't signed yet, please do with me or you'll need to sign with Shelly at central office.

- Are you planning to attend the One Million Pages Celebration at the football game on Friday? Please let me know.

- Did you fill out the Google Sheet Sharon sent?

- If you need a Words Their Way book, please let Kristy know A.S.A.P!

- Handwriting Without Tears is our handwriting program. You should be working from this program daily.

- Student's celebration logs (One Million Pages) are due Tuesday. These were handed out at the end of last year.

- I only have received a few newsletters last week. I will need a classroom newsletter each week, please.

- What time works for you? It's H.A.W.K. Talk time!

- We have new field placement students from OU working in kindergarten and first grade starting today and running through December. Be sure to welcome these students.

- Dismissal is at 3:50. Please join me in the cafe for student pick-up & check-out until 3:55.

PD Corner

Securing Students' Attention

FACT 1: All effective teachers are effective classroom managers.

FACT 2: Even the most effective teachers work diligently to continually improve their classroom management skills.

FACT 3: Not all teachers are effective classroom managers.

FACT 4: Without effective management skills, effective teaching cannot occur.

FACT 5: All teachers possess the ability to become more effective, yet many fail to do so because they lack management skills. This leads us back to FACT 1: All effective teachers are effective classroom managers.

What is the most important procedure that any teacher must have? Hmm... a bit tricky huh? Well, the single most important procedure any teacher needs is a way of securing the students' attention. What's your procedure? What is the one thing that you do consistently, every time you need the attention of your students? Some say, "I need you attention." "Excuse me." "Stop the talking." Some resort to threats. And some teachers look unhappy while they are trying to get their students' attention.

Need an idea?

An example might be, to tell the students this, "When I need to get your attention, I will do two things." (At this point smile and raise your hand.) Ask the students, "What two things do you see me doing?" When they answer correctly, voice to them, "When you see me doing these two things, I need for you to stop talking and raise your hand. That will be your signal to me that I have your attention. The key is to practice.

Thank them for following the procedure. When they forget (and they will) remind them. Continue the procedure consistently, with a smile on your face. The moment you appear upset they win, and you lose, and no procedure will work.

So, whether you use this procedure or another, the key is to use the same one consistently and you have to look happy while implementing it.

Once you are implementing a consistent procedure for securing students' attention, discipline problems will improve immediately.