Cold War

By: Taylor Loop

What was the cold war?

The cold war started right after WWII both America and Russia had nuclear bombs and they were threatening to drop them. Not only that they were making bigger better bombs. Citizens were scared and built bomb shelters in their backyard. Any important place with a lot o activity got a bomb pointed at them. In the Pentagon there was a hotdog stand that had a lot of costumers but Russia thought it was a secret conference. The two country's were paranoid and afraid of what might happen.

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What happened in the cold war?

In the cold war the citizens were franticly making bomb shelters, ten presidents came and went and no bomb was dropped. We add Under God” phrase to the Pledge of Allegiance to show resistance to the communists, who were atheists. The race to space started and many more people were frightened. 382 American soldiers died and $8 trillion was spent. 300,000 east Germans who didn't want to be caught in the explosion if a bomb did go off went to west Germany. Russia put a nuke on cube and this was called the Cuba missile crisis.
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Why I choose the cold war.

I choose the cold war because I didn't know anything about the cold war and I wanted to learn about it.