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Why Your Wardrobe Needs a Charcoal Suit

The sheer versatility of a charcoal suit makes it a must have in your wardrobe. Since the charcoal colour is plain and neutral, the only time a shirt will look awkward would be if it is of the same colour as your charcoal suit. But since you will seldom wear a charcoal shirt with a charcoal suit, consider the shirts in your wardrobe that can be paired with your charcoal suit. A striped shirt? Yes. A checked shirt? Yes. A patterned shirt? Yes. A shirt having a solid colour? Yes. In short, every formal business shirt you have in your wardrobe can be paired with your charcoal suit.

The charcoal suit's for men versatility does not extend merely to the colour and pattern of your shirt and tie. It also extends to the occasions it can be worn to. Therefore, it is equally acceptable at a formal meeting, a wedding, special occasions, funerals or everyday occasions too. All you need to ensure is that your tie and shirt should be dressed up or down to suit the occasion; by itself, the suit is perfectly apt for any and all situations. Therefore, if you want to wear it to a formal occasion, pair it with the standard white or blue business shirt, a striped tie, black shoes and cufflinks and you're ready. Or match it with a pink or lilac coloured business shirt and dark brown shoes and, you're perfectly dressed for a casual occasion - regardless of whether you wear a tie or not.

Unlike the black suit or the pinstriped one that are quite flashy and easy to recall, the sheer neutrality of a charcoal suit makes it easy to forget. So, you can end up wearing it every other day with different colours of shirts and patterned ties and no one would be the wiser. To keep people guessing, you could even throw in a different pocket square each day.

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