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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Conference sign-ups were e-mailed to you on Friday. If you have not already signed up for a conference time please go to the link provided and choose a time slot for us to meet.

  • Book orders will be coming home on Tuesday. Please return your order with a check by Friday January 23.
  • PTO trivia night is this Friday, January 23. Hope to see you there!
  • If you signed up to bring in fruits or vegetables, please send them with your child on Tuesday! Thank you again for helping us out with your donations!
  • Please save 2 food packages this week and send them into school. We will be learning how to read food labels next week.

My Plate - cutting out foods to match each food group.

Weekly Goal Celebration

This quarter we decided to have the whole second grade to celebrate with each other when they meet their weekly goals. Each students sets a goal for the week and if they reach their goal, they gather in the hallway congratulate each other and do a little chant. This was the first week we have done this celebration and the turn out was great. The students worked really hard towards their goals this week and came back in the room with a big smile upon their faces!
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What are we learning this week?

Phonics: Vowel - r: -ur

Math: We will finish up Topic 9 on subtracting with double digit numbers and take our test on Thursday. Friday we will begin Topic 10 where we will learn more about place value up to 1,000.

Writing: Last week, we began our final draft of our explanatory text and will continue to work on those final drafts. This week we will be taking about using adjectives to describe nouns. We will use these adjectives to create an opinion piece based on the fruits and vegetables we are taste testing this week. We will work on creating super second grade sentences for our writing and making sure we use a lot of details to help support our opinions.

Reading: We will use our question asking abilities to ask and answer questions about nutritional text we will read and listen to. We will also discuss how food companies make their foods look so good on television or in advertisements. We will use this type of information later to help us create our own food advertisement.

Vocabulary: ingredient and riddle

Phonics List

Rule: Vowel-r: -ur

hurt, church, return, turning, turf, burned, urban, curve, turn, curl, hurry, curb, nurse, Thursday, lurking, Saturday

Happy Birthday and Leader of the Week

Happy Birthday!

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Leader of the Week