Latin america region project

by pierce brown

starting point Belmopan Belieze stop 1 to stop 2 kingston jamaica

I am going to get there by boat  they are  790.42 miles apart

belieze belmopan absolute location 17.2514 N,88.7669W

relative location of capital city is southwest of the country. 2 physcical features  old river and the blue hole. 2 human features are the belieze zoo and the corcall maya site. a modification to the enviroment is genentically modified corn a acomodation to the enviroment is resorts. how the people  depend on their gov are the tourism they bring in. 2 examples of  movement are mopeds and boats. 4 traits of culture launguage is mostly spanish and english, security is not very good most people keep their doors unlocked or open not many people steal though, main religion is christian. and the main food is seafood people in belieze are either very rich or very poor but most have small shacks

Kingston Jamaica absolute location 17 59N,76 47W

relative location of capital city west central carribean 2 physcical features are blue mountains and the pedro plains. 2 human features are port antonio and the rose hall great house montegsbay. a modificatiom to the  enviroment is resorts. a acomodation to the enviroment is luxury spas. the people depend on the the goverment on diffrent ways but most depend on its tourism.2 examples of movement are moter scooters and buses. 4 traits of culture jamaicas language has elements of english its just hard to understand how most jamaicans say it there religion is widlely diverse but is mostly christian. jamaicas education is modled after the british system. history of jamaica used to be a british colony.

Stop 2 Brasilia Brazil absolute ocation 15 46 S,47 55W

relative location  of the capital brasilia is south east  of country. 2 physcical features  of brazile are the amazon river and the iguacu falls. 2 human features are the christ the redemer located in  rio and the rio carnival. a modification the people of brazil have made to their enviroment is deforstation a acomadtion to the enviroment is hotels. the people depend on the gov for their enviroments biodiversity. 2 examples of movement are bikes many people ride bikes around for cheaper purposes  and boats. 4 traits of brazils culture  are religion mostly christian,food and shelter the people in brazil eat alot of meat and fruits they genrally live in small houses next to one another like shanty towns. social events many people love soccer in brazil. history first colonized in 1494.

Santiago Chile absolute location 33 25S 70 33W

Relative location of santiago chile is in the southwerstern coast of south america.  2 physical features  of chile are the san rafeal glacier and valle de la luna. 2 human features of chile are the easter islands and valpariso. a modification to the enviroment  the people of chile have made is air pollution a acomodatio to the enviroment is resorts. how the people depend on their gov is for tourism. 2 examples of movement cars and metro trains. 4 traits of culture launguage is mainly spanish food lots of seafood religion 69percent of the country is catholic social organazations is alot of soccer

point 2 to 3 jamaica kingston to brasilia brazil

I am going to get there by airlplane so it wont take that long and there 3,056.35 miles away from each other.

point 3 to 4 Brasilia Brazil to santiago chile

i am going to drive there in a sports car  2,486 miles