African Aid Organization


What Does It Do

Supports and educates children in Africa with HIV/AIDS, meeting their special needs and bringing joy to them and their families. Provides prevention education to youth.

Information About The African Aid Organization

The African Aid Organization works with community partners to ensure that children and young adults that are infected with HIV/AIDS receive health care when prevention is not an option. They help to pay for these children to get schooling so they can discover and use their own vision, skills, and resources to move out of poverty and into abundant living conditions. Member organizations that help provide support ranging from health and medical care, education, sustainable development, arts and culture, environmental conservation, food and agriculture, advocacy, and wildlife protection. Over the last 18 years, Aid for Africa membership has grown to include 80 nonprofit organizations, all working on the ground with African partners throughout Africa. All of this was formed from a concern and idea, that alliance is now a reality.