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... Alessandro, who was born in 1969, has always been involved in the world of wine as a family heritage so acquiring deep experience in the wine branch. In fact, his knowledge of wine derives from the long tradition of his family, who started producing their own wine at the beginning of last century when his great-grandfather Giovanni and later on his grandfather Ercole transformed their farm producing and selling grapes into a wine estate becoming wine-makers. From their experience Alessandro learned the unconditioned, deeply-rooted love for this land and his work, which, with the support of his innate commercial ability, in 2012 lead him to start a new challenging business project.

He needed and had courage, confidence in his force, dedication, infinite passion, and, why not, also a bit of insanity, since for any change in our life we cannot leave out these elements that form Alessandro Rivetto’s personality.

History and Tradition since 1902

The gift of nature

The vineyards, located in the Langhe and in the area near Ovada and in other sites of the Province of Alessandria, and almost completely of property of the business partners are the essential assets supporting the production guideline of I Pola. Besides the 4 hectares in Serralunga d’Alba, an area producing high quality Barolo, 6.5 hectares in the production area of Barbaresco, in the territory of Alba, enable completing the excellence range of the Alessandro Rivetto line. For the production of the I Pola line we select grapes coming from Acqui Terme and Alto Monferrato, for a total surface of 21 hectares.

These vineyards give life to the wines of both lines: two DOCG wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, and three DOC wines, Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto d’Alba, for the Alessandro Rivetto line, while the I Pola line includes DOC wines of Langhe and Monferrato and three DOCG wines, Barolo, Moscato d’Asti, and Ovada.



The man and the nature

“The land, the vineyards and the cellar are our life in every moment, at every stage of the wine-making process – highlights Alessandro Bonelli in the vineyard our presence makes the difference and imposes everything the balance we desire. With our experience and the perfect knowledge of the soil and the ecosystem, we decide every time which operation to perform to always obtain the highest levels of quality. What distinguishes our wine estate from others if the idea of naturalness intended as constant interaction between man and vineyard, wine and cellar, without neglecting the respect for the environment.”

* Another strength of the Company is the co-owner Alessandro Bonelli, renowned winemaker of great experience in charge of viticulture and production