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Are video games healthy for your brain and body?


Although people think video games are bad for you, video games have many healthy benefits. A video game is an electronic device that is played on a handheld device, computer, or TV. Video games have been around since 1947. Video games have shown healthy benefits in areas of your brain and body. There are over 100,000 video games in the US. Although Video games can have healthy benefits, playing violent video games (such as "Call of Duty") or playing any video game for over two hours a day is unhealthy. Since video games have many healthy benefits, playing them in some of your free time is not a bad idea.

Video games can be healthy for you

  • Video games are therapeutic to kids with chronic illnesses. Study's have shown improvement in kids with chronic illnesses who played video games.
  • Video games reduce stress and depression. Study's have shown that people who play video games have reduced amounts of stress and depression.
  • Video games provide pain relief. Study's have shown emotional pain relief in people after they played video games.
These facts were all reviewed by Mary L. Gavin, MD in April, 2011.

Video games can improve some of your everyday skills

  • Video games can improve your vision. A study proved that people suffering from cataracts can improve their vision by playing fast paced games.
  • Video games can improve your decision making skills. In games like "Grand Theft Auto" you have to make quick decisions. These decisions help you make life saving decisions in the real world.
  • Video games can improve your hand-eye coordination.
These facts were discovered in research done by Dr. Daphen Maurer.

Video games can improve your brains physical structure

  • While playing video games your brain gets a big workout. In some games you need to think a lot to complete levels. This helps your brain think more clearly and easily.
  • Playing video games helps your brain process information. When you have to think a lot in the video game your playing, it improves your brains ability to process information.
  • Video games help preschoolers to improve their ability to speak. In some video games there are narrators talking to you while playing the game. This helps preschoolers learn to talk.
A study from the Journal of Communication Research proved these facts.
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